The One and Only

4. září 2009 v 18:21 |  x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x
Hey boy
You know I really wanna get with you
Baby just tell me what I gotta do
All I know is that you are the one and only, boy for me
You know I really wanna get with you
Baby just tell me what I gotta do
All I know is that you are the one and only

Verse 1:
Yo, hey yo, hey yo
It's way past PM
Revin' on the road when
It really hit me
I'm looking for the answer a regular girl
Not a hump-me-all-day-on-the-cellular girl
To concerned with the wrong things
Rolling with the name
Ching Ching, got game, keep the fame and the bling,
Put the face on
Play the part thru the shirt, and
Put the shades on, me? I gotta do work it
And to know who I was
Who I am
Who I wanna be
I don't wanna just slam
Like Beanie Man, huh uh
Don't be fooled ma
I'll point out the wrongs
I don't wanna think twice
When I wanna act once
For some I'm the opportunity
Soon to be, Roll with me
Can't you see, can't you see
Cos what got me here
Got the heart like a kid
When ya finally appear
Baby I can spot you anywhere
Sing the hook, ma


Verse 2:
I don't want what they got, NO
Got my plate full when I wanna get
On the floor, Oh my god, YO
That's a body body
Ain't nobody body
Touching you
I don't mind if I do
You make me sit up and get up
You call Abs boo
You make go WOAH
We can take it so FAR
Here's a thought feeling the spot
Like sonar
Sing the hook ma


Verse 3:
I don't wanna loose my cool
That's the rule
I just wanna hit the floor
That's for sure (Woop woop)
You doing wha?
Banging on my mind when I find
My intent is hot like Miami
Now chase the skirt and huh uh
You're for certain huh uh
Slowing the flirting huh uh
Hey yo it's curtains huh uh
Drop the race for the looks they chase
Another face for the database time to get erased
I gotta bag one
Living in the real world
You can have my tour pass
We can make it last girl
I can be the guide
On the ride y'all
All the groupies
And woopties
Pick a side y'all
The one who never gave a damn
About the rap show
CD's and the clothes
You 50% of my life
But that's the right type of Math
Mr. Abs make ya laugh, C'Mon

Chorus x 3

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