Roll with Me

4. září 2009 v 18:26 |  x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x
Verse 1:
It's just one of those days when
Nothing wants to go alright
So I slipped on a brand new shirt and stepped out into the night
And as I roll down the road in my Benz see you standin' with a man
You was chilling with my best friend
Acting like he's all you need
When last night you was tryin' to get it on with me

You making your moves on me baby
It's wrong but it feels so right
You're trying to play with me lady
But it wont go down tonight

You wanna roll with me roll with me
Mess about
You better keep it low before we get found out
I wanna rock with you rock with you
All night
Dance with your body until the morning light
You wanna bounce with me bounce with me
Take it slow
Don't wanna jeapordise gotta let you know
If you're leaving tonight, it will all be alright

Verse 2:
Girl you keep it on a down low
You keep on tellin' me nobody has to know
But you
Don't wanna compromise always keep a brother hooked with your bedroom eyes
Gonna do what I can to keep it real
But inside what I feel baby girl what the deal now
Even though I'll only loose
Either way that I play but I gotta choose



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