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Verse 1:
It must have been about a couple days gone by
When I last saw you and you said bye bye
When you walked away and left me alone
Now all I get is a dial tone when I call your phone
Occasionally I've rolled around your way
I've thought about the words that I could say
But you ain't try to feel me, no
You don't even want to hear me
Oh, is it my turn to cry over you
Coz no matter what I do
Those rainy days, won't leave me alone

What kind of love leaves you feeling cold
All alone with nobody to hold
Don't want to feel like I did that day
Let the rain wash the pain away
Sometimes I think I hear you call my name
Sometimes its just my mind playing games
But nothings changed, it's still all the same
Let the rain wash the pain away

Verse 2:
See your picture all up in a magazine
With some other cat I ain't never seen
You were looking more beautiful that I'd ever seen
Hear come those lonely feelings again
I must be tripping on myself
Coz the fact that you with somebody else
It's getting me down girl, I can't deny
I guess that's what it sounds like when a dove cries
Oh, did you choose girl or was you told
Coz no matter what I do
Those rainy days won't leave me alone

Chorus x 2

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