Music For Cars

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Baby Talk: Music For Cars

Verse 1
Handle with care
You better be aware
My bassline'll tear through your sub, I'm a take u there
Like I'm a Vauschsprung Dauch Technics sound arranger
Green, amber, red yo it's time 4 some danger
Vrooom, listen 2 my bass go boom
As u ride the nite u playing my new tune
Digital, on-board, satellite guidance system, Navigation yo I twist them
Beige with the black two-tone
Yo I even got the system hooked up to the microphone
So I can rhyme while I'm riding
Window's down
I'm going at the green lights
How u like me now?

Music for cars
Music for cars
Music for cars
Music for cars

Verse 2:
Hit the highway
I gotta do it my way, ya like that
TV's in the headrest playing "Friday"
Jay-Kay style I'm a roll with the 3 6 0
The Benz coupe or the 4x4
It ain't nothing but the style I set
I can't help but drop whatever u can't get
I got Wookie on the sound
U feeling me now
Educating brothers on the road that don't wanna be down
I'm like... Hold up, Wait a minute
New X5 and your girlfriend's in it
Playboy I'm a always be
And next time that u ride, yo check 4 me


Yo I'm a blow, blow, biggidy, blow u all diggidy down
Bringing it 2 ya when it comes around
I don't clown
It's just a breakdown
Figgidy feel my flow
My riggidy rhyme like a virus acting like u don't know
Got u all riggidy running 4 cover
There ain't no other MC bringing it hotter
Wiggidy word to yer mother
Gimme the EX, gimme the CLA
Gimme the MAI, Gimme the TION
Figgidy full, stop my rhyme, diggidy done

Chorus x 4

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