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Verse 1:
Oh it's still a mystery
How she got me high
Anticipating what
Can't seem to let it go
Addicted by her daug
Ain't got no rememdy for this contagious kind of love

Didn't mean to get emotional
Feel like I'm sinking
It wasn't meant unintentional
I can see what you was thinking
Got a hole in her soul
That's the shape of a man
Tell me who's your next victim
It ain't that she hates ya
It's just her nature
Baby, don't misunderstand

Verse 2:
I give her what she needs
Don't ever seem enough
Ain't got no room to breath
Feels like a tainted love
I need to get away
Seems as though it's been
To belong cos when I try
She pulls me right back in

Chorus x 2

Ain't nothing left to give
Just a broken shell
Just enough to live
Just enough to tell a tale


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