Youre Wrong

16. července 2009 v 17:51 |  5ive Lyrics
Verse 1:
Little bit of what you need.
Little bit of company.
Doesn't make you cool to me,
But it makes you feel younger for sure.
Like you got it made.
Can you serenade now?
You're lookin' for,
God's gift to save you.

Bridge 1:

How could we get so crazy?
Why did we do what we did for so long?
Yeah, yeah.


You're wrong.
You're livin' a line from a song.
You've stolen a scene from a play.
Cause baby I'm strong.
I've lived with you lady for too long.
And I know that I'll have my day.
Cause baby you're wrong.

Verse 2:

Wonder why you feel insane?
Trouble's on your head again.
Always say that I'm to blame,
But you live the life that you choose.
Everything I wanna be,
Everything I wanna do,I'll do.
Cause I know I'm better.

Bridge 2:

How could we get so crazy?
Why should we do what we did for so long?
Yeah, yeah.

Verse 3:

Said I'm sick of feelin' like the bad guy to you.
I am wrong no matter what I do.
You're wrong.
Said I'm gonna take time hold my head high,
Take these emotions then kiss them goodbye.

Bridge 1


Know that you're wrong… how could you be?

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