When I Remember When

16. července 2009 v 17:35 |  5ive Lyrics

written by: Shelly Peiken, Jud Friedman

All the things I said, I should have said and didn't say.
And I wonder why...yes, I wonder why.
I think about the time we spent,
The places that we went...
Still makes me cry...yes, it makes me cry.

Why do they say that time will heal this broken heart?
They would know it isn't true,
If they lost someone like you...oh!

Some things can never be replaced,
Some things are with me for always.
These are the things I will remember...
[When I remember when...]
I'd rather love and lose it all,
Then never have you to recall.
These are the things I will remember,
[again and again...]
When I remember when.

You taught me how to love, I am all I am,
Because of you...just because of you.
Every time I lost my way,
You shined a light and made my day.
You see me through...yes, you see me through.

So who's gonna come around to heal this broken heart?
Show me how to laugh and cry,
But never how to say good-bye...


This life goes on, you carry on, you do and it's okay...
[When I remember when...]
This love goes on and I will live to love another day...
[Again and again...]
This life goes on, you carry on, you do and it's okay...
I will laugh and I will cry,
But I will never say good-bye...


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