The Heat

16. července 2009 v 17:31 |  5ive Lyrics
written by: R Stannard, J Gallagher, R Breen,
J Brown, S Conlon

You freak rhymin', check the way I'm getting on the ground.
Make you shake that front and wiggle your behind.
Like whoop, tell her where it's at, one - two,
Microphone, secret agent, the double O, who?
A to the B dot S,
I rock a microphone in my jeans and my vest.
Puttin' to the test, decimal levels, I burn 'em down
Now how you like the way that sound?

Everybody say way-ooh
In the club on a Friday night.
All the girls on the floor give a little bit more,
On and on to the morning light.
Everybody say Way-ooh
When you breathe, you can feel the beat.
It's another long night but you're feelin' all right
And you know you can take the heat.

Here I come... steppin' up the flow up on the beat.
Number one... contender with my rhyme and I'll defeat
Anyone... who wanna take a shot at what I got,
Could you not... get in my way because I'm getting hot.
Now tell me can you hear me comin' creepin' up behind you?
I'd already showin' up, I'm standin' right beside like...who?
Droppin' the verbally rugged sound upon your town
I'm a make you people boogie down


Walk this way and feel the heat, we be getting down
walk this way and feel the heat,
'cause the time is comin' round.
Everybody, way-ooh, move your body, way-ooh.
Walk this way


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