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written by: various & Five

You gotta stop, Listen up, Checking out my beats,
Know that they're uniques,
Got you jumping out your seats.
Ah, Never bring the same flow upon a track,
Better watch your back,
When I bring the switch attack now!

People when they nod, Nod they don't to the funk
Thing that I bring, Make your head wanna ring,
Here we come, You know we bring it raw,
Get up on the floor, Cos you gotta get some more!

Friday night, The party's just around the corner.
She'll be there, So I just can't be late.
Gotta get my groove thing on,
Cos I'll be dancing all night long,
Take me to my place where I can have some fun...

Once I get up on the floor,
See me coming back for more.
See me rockin' all my moves,
Everybody's watching me
(repeat chorus with SEAN)

... Switch!

(many different beats, raps, etc...)

Nine o'clock, And finally my groove is swinging,
Beats are fine, Now I guess it's time to rock
(Guess it's time to rock)
Now the party's on the way, I found out I've got to stay,
People start to gather round and round and round and round.


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