16. července 2009 v 17:22 |  5ive Lyrics
written by: R Stannard, J Gallagher, R Breen, J Brown, S Conlon

All I gotta do... is get it through to you.
You take my hand and let me lead you away.
Same old words again... He was just a friend.
That's what you told me, but you're my one and only.


If I tell you something now,
I ask myself just how,
You came into my world.
Gotta keep on lovin' you...

So let the sun shine, wherever you are.
It really doesn't matter, How long, How far.
I took my time and I realized,
You're the only thing that matters now in my life.

Just another song, While the beat goes on.
You keep on movin and I'll bring you the groove.
I guess it's just the way... Nothing left to say.
Hard day every day, DJ take me away.


Stop, Look, Check, and listen,
I freaks the funk that will keep you wishin'.
You're a superstar, No matter who you are.
You gotta keep your dreams, Cos they're never too far.
Now can you see what I'm tryin' to do?
[ Realize that what it's never too late now.]
Can you feel what I'm tryin to say?
[ Until the beat goes on and on until the break of dawn.]


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