Stop Pushing Me

16. července 2009 v 17:21 |  5ive Lyrics

written by: Steve Mac, C Laws, FIVE

Stop pushing me!

I never felt like this before, It's just something in me.
I need to close another door, Live my life to suit me.
I just can't hide the confusion that burns in my mind...
Oh, No!

Sometimes the pressure gets so high,
Excuses come so easy.
Just like a man lies to his wife,
When honesty won't please her.
I guess you'll find that I'm not what you think you can see...
Not what you want me to be!

Stop pushing me, I gotta do it my way,
Stop pushing me, Why don't you hear what I say?
Stop pushing me, Cos we don't look for mistakes,
Stop pushing me, I'm gonna do it my way.

It seemed to me like it won't end,
But it was never meant to be...
More than just another trend,
A phase that I would go through.
You still don't see that I'm not your little baby no more... No!

So please don't force me down that road,
I'll choose where I'll be going.
You can't dictate another day,
Don't make me spend one on when.
I wanna fight for myself and be debted to nobody else...
No one but myself!


My way is the only way I trust,
My way whatever its cost,
Oh, Now don't get me wrong, The respect hasn't gone,
But when can I have my say,
And do it my way!


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