16. července 2009 v 17:20 |  5ive Lyrics
written by: R Stannard, J Gallagher, R Breen, J Brown, S Conlon

When the world is on your shoulders,
And the sun don't wanna shine.
Better days around the corner...
But you're runnin' out of time.

Negative thinkin has got my mind sinkin',
I wonder if the pain will ever stop?
You gotta try to look ahead is what the people always said,
But am I ever gonna make it to the top... will I drop?
So I'm a keep goin', cause I gotta keep showin',
That I know a better day will always come.
And then I know that I can make it when I see the clouds breakin' cause they tell me that the battlin' is done,
Check it out...

Sometimes... when you feel like you can't go on,
You gotta give it what you got even though it's not a lot,
Never think you're the only one... well, well, well.
Sometimes... when you know there's a better day,
You gotta pick yourself up with a little bit of luck,
You can chase the blues away... well, well, well.

When the world is on your shoulders,
Don't let it get you down.
Gotta pull yourself together,
Cause your time will come around.



(...But you're running out of time... and you can't expect a miracle... look and you will find... that everything is beautiful)

(CHORUS 2X with group)

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