Lets Get It On

13. července 2009 v 20:37 |  5ive Lyrics

written by: R Stannard, J Gallagher, A Howes,
M Harrington, R Breen, J Brown, S Conlon

Never knew someone could make me feel...
Like you do... 'cause it's true.
You got me prayin' that this love is real...
All I need... is you with me.

'Cause there's something 'bout the way you smile I like...
Somethin' I don't know.
I'd give anything to be with you tonight...
'Cause I can't let go.

All I wanna do is get with you.
Take a little time get next to you.
Let's get it on, (let's get it on), let's get it on, (let's get it on)
All I want now is you and me.
You and I are meant to be.
Let's get it on, (let's get it on), let's get it on, (let's get it on)

So many times I've looked into your eyes...
And all I see... is the love for me.
But if you took some time to realise...
You could be... the one for me, baby.



You be the honey that I never could forget.
And got me trippin' out, you got me thinkin' we were set.
I thought that we would always be together you and me.
Remember thinking that you've got to be my destiny...
Can't you see that...
I know that I was wrong in what I did
But if you take me back I know that we could try again.
I'm gonna keep on calling, keep on hitting with my charms,
Until the day you finally take me back into your arms...
Take it back now.




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