Let Me Out

16. července 2009 v 17:53 |  5ive Lyrics

Verse 1:

Is... this... all that there is?
Cause this... ain't... something I miss.
Is it knocking at your door?
Are you tryin' to ignore?
Is it time to... rewind to.
Is... this... your time to move?


Let me out... feeling it get to me.
I want out.
Wanting it totally.
I... no longer can deny,
I've waited a long, long time,
A weight is off my mind.
I gotta get away.

Verse 2:

I don't... need... you to approve.
Cause what... do... we have to lose?
I've been waiting for a sign as I step across the line,
There's no time to... rewind to.
Don't... you... know that it's time to,
Yeah it's time to,
It's time to get away!


Bridge 1:

I'm takin' off,
Take a ride, gotta get away.
I feel alive, it's my time,
For a better day.
Getting' high, it's my life, it's the way,
No matter what you say.

Is... this... all that there is?
I gotta get away!
I gotta get away!


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