Its Alright

12. července 2009 v 20:32 |  5ive Lyrics
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Alright, c'mon oh baby, alright

I need some time to get my head round
The things you said to me
Thoughts are whirling round my head - alright
I never knew that I could feel so strong
Like the way I feel for you
That seemed impossible to me - alright

Said oh, oh, I wish that you could see
Said oh, oh, it's the way it's meant to be, yeah

You're the only one I want at night
You keep me warm and make me feel alright
Ya know that we can work it out coz it's alright
I only wanna share my life with you
Coz I love all the things you do
Coz I know that it's alright

You know that I'm a dreamer, I can change reality
Ya know it's good times when we're together c'mon
We could take our love around the world
We could dance upon the sea
A little bit of work won't be forever

Said oh, oh I wish that you could see
Said oh, oh it's the way it's meant to be yeah


Now I've been sitting reminiscing
'Bout the way we used to be
And how I want those feelings back
Because they mean the world to me
So check it
I've seen around the world
Climbed the highest heights
To prove my love for you is real
To keep you warm through winter nights
Now baby, I wanna let you know the way you got me feeling
It's guaranteed to keep me here because we're reeling
When there's a problem, together we can solve them
Yo all we gots to do is keep that perfect world revolving

Said oh, oh I wish that you could see
Said oh, oh it's the way it's meant to be yeah


Ooh check it out baby
yeah yeah
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh


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