How Do You Feel

11. července 2009 v 9:02 | ©Brige |  5ive Lyrics
written by: R Stannard, J Gallagher, J Brown, S Conlon, R Breen, S Robinson, R Neville

We won't stop...we don't even know how to stop...

[Something like this]

Ya see with positive minds, we create positive vibes,
And with those positive vibes, we create positive lives.
So if there's somethin' ya want, ya know ya gotta get it,
Don't ever forget it, cos someday ya will regret it.
So keep on pushin' for 'em,
Cos your dreams are ya dreams,
And no matter how it seems,
There will always be a means,
To get what ya want, Yo, And where ya going to now?
What ya gonna do? I'll gonna leave that up to you.

We gotta keep it goin now, take it to the top now,
Never gonna stop even if we start to drop now,
Here we go again ya'll, can you get this flow?
Never wanna go slow, So...

How d'ya feel? Ya wanna feel alright?
Here's the deal, We've got pure delight,
Alright, It's alright.

Wake you up to the morning light,
Shake you up before you sleep at night,
Alright, You wanna feel alright?
[It's alright, We got pure delight.]

They say I'm greedy, but I still want more,
What you don't need to know, I keep behind closed doors.
Cos everything I buy can't be sold,
And everything I touch turns to gold.
You see because I'm better than the next man,
I shine above all those who try to put me down
and pass it to the next man.
Who's the best man for keeping it tight?
Next time it comes around, Make sure you do it right!


In life there's a price to pay,
You gotta ...take your chances anyway.
Never mind what the people say,
You gotta ...take your chances anyway!


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