9. července 2009 v 19:57 | ©Brige |  5ive Lyrics
written by: R Stannard, J Gallagher, J Brown, S Conlon, R Breen

Everyday...I got you on my mind,
Everyday...I just keep it all inside.

You got me trippin'...
Because I want you back and you don't know.
[But if you gave me a chance, Then maybe we'll find romance,
Come and tell me, Are you ready to go?]
You got me trippin'...
Now baby tell me what I gotta do?
[Cos when I'm laying in my bed and you pop into my head,
All I wanna do is get with you.]

Everyday, round and round,
I think about the times and the love I found,
Everyday, round and round,
My head is in the clouds and it won't be coming down,

Everyday...I just can't find the time.
I just wanna say, a girl like you is hard to find.

(chorus1 and chorus2)

(rap back and forth)
Well there she goes again, running circles round my mind,
[Yeah I know just what you're saying, but you know the girl is mine]
Yo but maybe I can get her, If I show her what I got?
[What you got? I got double... come on give it a shot.]
You trying to take my girl, trying to mess around with Mrs. Right?
[Now but how can I be helping when I dream of her at night?
There she is up in my head, every time I close my eyes,
So I think I'm gonna call her, just to see if she replies.]

(chorus1 and chorus2)


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