Dont You Want It?

11. července 2009 v 8:08 | ©Brige |  5ive Lyrics

written by: Denniz Pop, Max Martin, FIVE

Don't you want it, can't you feel it?
There's something in the air tonight.
10,9,8,7,6, Five
Don't you want it?

Now... hitting on the dance floor, what's it all about
Girl I give it all make me feel high.
10,9,8,7,6,5... time to turn it up cos you're getting hot.
Why do we bring the flow so raw
Make you wanna dance so git on the floor.
It's all about the monies, what!
Time to get down and get da honeys... yo Scott!

Baby I can make the nights last forever.
And I can make you satisfied.
So if you feel like coming together.
It's something that you must decide.

Don't you want it, don't you need it?
I can give it all and I mean it (oww-ow!)
Don't you want it, Can't you feel it?
There's something in the air tonight.

Rising from the depths, I confess
Baby I can hit you off, got a super on my chest
Nothing but the very best.
What you need and you best believin'...
Tell me that you're feeling the hand that I'm dealing.
Never hear me lack upon a track
Style and whicky whack... what you gotta say to that?
A roller-coaster ride baby, come and climb upon it.
Ruggedness I've shown it, tell me don't you want it?

Baby I can make the sun shine forever.
I know you've heard it all before [heard it all before...]
But if you feel like coming together.
All of this will be yours...


I got everything you want baby, everything you need,
now (ah! ah!)
I got everything you want, baby everything you need,
Now... Don't you want it... don't you?

Don't you want it?
Don't you need it?
Don't you want it?
Can't you feel it?

10,9,8,7,6, Five...



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