Dont You Fight it

11. července 2009 v 8:06 | © Brige |  5ive Lyrics
written by: Steve Mac, Wayne Hector, L A Tennant, R. Neville

[check it out... here we go...
I...can't fight the feelings that you got now]

Why do you put up a fight with your feelings?
Girl, we've been friends now for far too long.
[we've been friends for far too long]
I know some part of you thinks that I'm scheming,
But there's no way I could do you wrong.
[couldn't do you wrong]

I said LOVE. You said it ain't that. (1-2)
Then you turn around and come back.
I can tell the way that you act,
That you want this!

Don't you fight it, girl, it's only natural.
Can't disguise what's in your eyes. They say too much.
Don't deny that when we touch, it's physical.
Let it and me...Don't fight it, baby

Don't need to tell me we're risking this friendship.
[friendship's for real]
But there's no stopping this vibe we're on.
[can't stop, can't stop the vibe]
And when we play, I can feel we're not joking.
[this ain't a joke]
In every stare that we share too long.


What everybody knows [don't fight it, baby]
Just let your feelings show [don't fight it, baby]
Don't wanna let it go [why fight it, baby]
Look to your heart and you'll know that you want it...yeah!
[The way you put it on, you make me feel real hot,
Keep your body shaking, Show me what you got.)

(girl speaking Spanish...)
"Mi corazón, cada vez que te veo, sabes bien que quiero una cosa. Quiero sentir tus manos, tus labios en todo mi cuerpo. No puedo combatirlo... No quiero combatirlo...Mi amor, mi amor."
(basic translation: My heart, each time that I see you, you know that I want a something. I wanna fell your hands, your lips all over my body. I can't fight it, I don't wanna fight it... My love, my love. !)
(salsa music)



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